Protect Your Hands: The Importance of Handwraps at Yak Yai Muay Thai

Why Handwraps Matter

At Yak Yai Muay Thai, we believe in protecting our fighters. One of the simplest yet most crucial ways to do this is by using handwraps. Handwraps serve as a first line of defense for your hands.

When you punch, your hands endure a lot of stress. Without proper protection, you risk injuries like sprains, fractures, and cuts. Handwraps help to keep your hands safe, so you can train harder and longer.

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Choosing the Right Handwraps

Not all handwraps are the same. When choosing handwraps, look for ones that are durable and comfortable. They should be long enough to wrap around your hands and wrists several times.

At Yak Yai Muay Thai, we recommend wraps that are at least 180 inches long. This length provides enough material to give your hands the support they need. Cotton wraps are a good choice because they are breathable and easy to wash.

How to Wrap Your Hands

Learning to wrap your hands correctly is important. An improper wrap can lead to discomfort or even injury. Follow these steps to ensure your hands are well-protected:

  1. Start by wrapping around your knuckle 5-6 times to create a padding.
  2. Take your padding and place it on your knuckles then wrap around them once to secure the padding and go down to your wrists.
  3. From your wrist wrap your thumb twice then go back around the wrist.
  4. From the wrist you can go up in between each finger to secure the padding.
  5. Finish by wrapping your wrist again.

Practice makes perfect. Take your time and make sure your wraps are snug but not too tight.

Training with Confidence

When your hands are protected, you can train with more confidence. You can focus on improving your technique and building your strength. Handwraps give you the peace of mind to push your limits.

At Yak Yai Muay Thai, we are committed to helping you become the best fighter you can be. Handwraps are a small but vital part of your training gear. Don't overlook their importance.

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Join Us at Yak Yai Muay Thai and the proper use of handwraps and other protective gear.

Located in the heart of Phuket, our gym offers a supportive environment for all fighters. Come train with us and experience the difference that proper hand protection can make.

Remember, protecting your hands is the first step toward a successful training journey. Wrap up, train hard, and stay safe.